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Hiring top talent can make the difference between success and failure of an entire enterprise. Sourcing and selecting full-time, contract and contract-to-hire workers is a big job that requires detailed understanding of roles and responsibilities. With STAR CRUITERS you get the talent you need NOW. No more high costs with temporary workers, we are the solution for your business.

How? By offering a range of staffing services we provide a variety of solutions for every staffing need. Our solutions aim at bringing efficient, effective and cost reducing results to your hiring process.

STAR CRUITERS is dedicated to find the most suitable worker to your company. Our process are focused into the individual and their skills to work and valuate the teamwork. We will work one-on-one with the staff candidate to determine exactly what are their expectations for their next position.

Our work method involve our tried and true pre-screening, interviewing, skill assessment, and selection process every hire is easier and more successful than ever before.

By offering a range of staffing services we provide a customized solution for your staffing needs. Our solutions bring efficient, effective and cost reducing results to your bottom line.

At STAR CRUITERS we believe in your company as much as you do, so let us help you find the talent you need – now – without all the hassle.

Why Choose us

We believe in the unique worth of everyone we work with, and the relationship we develop with them. We are dedicated not only to getting you the right candidate, but finding them the right fit for a bright future. We work one-on-one with you to determine your exact needs. Let us know what you’re looking for above!

We are Portuguese, Spanish and English speakers.

Professional Matching

We exercise a professional matching process to identify and present the right candidate with relevant skill sets and industry background to fit into your job role.

Fast Selection

Our headhunters start working on your project at the same moment; we assign it to them. We believe in providing fast results and for that try to search out excellent candidates for you in a particular time limit.

competitive fees

Our fees are quite competitive, as we concern about the competitors in the industry. Customer satisfaction is our main priority, so we try to help you in all the way to help you in hiring candidates as per your prerequisites.”

growing our network constantly

A recruiter’s best asset is a wide network of business contacts that includes prospects, clients and hires. We believe in relationship building by strengthening our existing relationships with regular communication and try to add in new relationships. Our recruiters check back with hires after they have been placed and make sure to ask for referrals to grow their network.

headhunting methodology

We adapt our headhunting methodology to meet your company’s unique business requirements. Our tried and tested protocol utilizes an extensive database of executive candidates, industry and market knowledge, and fast accurate responses.

Payroll Services

Get all the advantages of our hire program while reducing program cost by letting us handle payroll, tax withholdings, and unemployment. Reduction of recruiting costs directly leads to cost savings over time.

Recruitment process outsourcing

We become your recruiting department, investing our time and resources into sourcing and screening the best of the best for our clients, reducing costs through talent pooling and minimal need for direct advertising, which results in reduced time to hire and excellent compliance regulations.

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