About the J-1 Trainee program in the US

An amazing and life changing possibility for University students or young professionals to train with an US company for 6-18 months and to get to know the US in a way no other program can offer.

H2A - Agricultural(2)

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  1. 1. The J-1 Trainee visa is not a “working visa”.

  2. 2. The main objective of the visa is to experience the US culture in living in the US for 6-18 months and in receiving a solid “On-the-job training” experience within a specific US employer in the professional field of the candidate. To support the candidate's time in the US most employers pay at least minimum salary. In case the employer does not want to pay any salary, the duration of the program is limited to 6 months.

  3. 3. The candidate can train in following fields:

    • Hospitality and Tourism

    • Management, Business, Commerce, and Finance

    • Arts and Culture

    • Information, Media, and Communications

    • Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing

    • Public Administration and Law

    • Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics, and Industrial Occupations

  4. 4. The candidate can train in most cases for up to 18 months. A second trainee program period is available after leaving the US for 2 years and if the candidate learns new skills during the second trainee program.

  5. 5. The candidate can begin the program at the US employer at ANY TIME during the year.

  6. 6. The US sponsor enforces a 5:1 ratio of full-time, permanent, onsite employees to Interns/Trainees.

  7. 7. Main requirements: Age 20 years to 35 years old. Current Uni students or recent graduates OR Uni graduates with one year of work experience in the field OR min. 5 years of work experience (no Uni education needed) can apply. High intermediate level of English is required (being able to have a fluent conversation in English).

    1. 1. Host organizations must have at least FIVE full-time permanent, onsite employees and must be fully operational for more than ONE year before an Trainee can be placed with them.

    2. 2. The US employer is NOT the sponsor. There is a dedicated US sponsor organization which ICCE has been working with for years, that will be the sponsor for the candidate and ensures that all program rules and regulations are followed.

    3. 3. There is no immigration lawyer involved and needed.

      1. 1. A Training Plan document (Form DS-7002) needs to outline the “On-the-job training” received during the entire training period. The training should happen during 3 Phases for the 6 months program, 4 Phases for the 12 months program and 6 Phases during the 18 months program.

      2. 2. The candidate can NOT train/work outside the employer and cannot change the employer unless all parties agree and approve. The candidate can be fired by the US employer if absolutely necessary or for good reasons.

      3. 3. The candidate will be on the normal payroll without restrictions (candidate will apply for the Social Security Card number after arrival). No benefits like for example 401K need to be paid.

      4. 4. Spouses and children can join the candidate on a J-2 visa (dependent visa of the J-1 Trainee visa) for an additional fee which also includes their travel health insurance for the entire period.

      5. 5. The entire process takes around 3-4 months until the candidate is able to leave for the US.

      6. 6. The candidate can arrive up to 30 days before the start of the DS-form starting date to secure housing, apply and receive the Social Security Card, open a bank account, etc.

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ABOUT support and prices
        1. Our company will handle the entire visa application process for a fee to cover their time and expertise. Included in the fees are also the fees payable to the US sponsor as they charge StarCruiters for the visa papers and their time and expertise during the approval process and duration of the program.

        2. The below price includes the visa paper process and the travel health insurance all candidates will receive.

        3. The sponsor is not charged for any part of the process, the candidate pays all the fees.

        4. The fees are today for the Self-placement program (Trainee position was provided by main contact which is our goal. If Starcruiters needs to find a suitable trainee position additional fees apply.)

        • 6 months = starting from US$ 3.700
        • 12 months = starting from US$ 4.100
        • 18 months = starting from US$ 4.690
        1. No fee needs to be paid until the US sponsor approves the entire application and is ready to issue the visa papers (DS form required to apply for the visa at the local US consulate).

        2. We are available to assist during the entire length of the program.

        1. Can you tell us something about your Trainee experience in the US?

        2. It really was the best experience of my professional and personal life. I've grown at least ten years in one! I have no doubt it was the best thing I ever done to myself. I've met thousand people and made really great friends. I've learned to deal with new situations, improved my English and Spanish, because I used to live in South Florida, and there are many Latin people there. I could travel few times, and meet awesome places. The most interesting thing is the American way of life, their culture, I've seen with my two eyes, that everything those movies show, is true... yes, every single stuff happens so fast, and you better watch them.

          What are you doing professionally today or what did you accomplish after your return from the US and how did your Trainee experience help you in achieving that?
          After I came back home I kept my hospitality carrier and got a job in a famous and huge corporation. It was a little easy because of my resume and professional experience attached there. Of course the trainee program was essential part of this conquest. The best companies to work believe that an abroad work experience is a great differential when hiring employees, so today I’m working for one of the best places to work in Brazil (it says an expert magazine).

          What personal note would you have for possible Trainee candidates?
          People let me give an advice… do not waste your time dreaming… work is the word to be successful, so release your dreams, go and have the most interesting experience of your life, it’s really worth, of course I recommend it!!!

          Rafhael, Hospitality Trainee from Brazil

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